The land for the Kleinvallei project is part of the Kleinfontein Cultural Community.

It is situated 30km East of Pretoria. The available land is 67ha. In phase 1 of the project we will develop 5ha. 20 Houses will be built as well as a Community Centre. We will also provide the infrastructure for the Eco-friendly Micro farming and related industries as well as a workshop for repairs and maintenance.

The estimated cost of Phase 1 of this development is R8 million ($728 000). This includes the building of 20 Eco-friendly homes at a cost of R220 000/home, the necessary infrastructure like roads, water purifying and methane gas plant for sewerage and organic waste at a cost of R1.1mil, a solar plant, a community centre and funding for the care of the families until such time as the project is profitable and no more outside funding is needed.

The houses will be 80m, consisting of  2 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, living area and kitchenette.

Huisplan KV 1

The style of the houses to be built will be similar to the picture shown below and in keeping with the rural surroundings. These homes will be eco-friendly and fully equipped with solar power, pure tapwater and a grey water purifying system.

Sandsak huisie

Waste Management, water purifying and organic waste management.

Watersuiwering KV

Watersuiwering KV 2

The community centre will house a central kitchen, library, hall and school for the children. A clinic and shopping centre are located on the main Kleinfontein Estate.

Kleinvallei will be managed in a Cooperation and the residents will be the shareholders once the project is profitable.

A committee consisting of Residents, Boervrouliga directors and Agricultural experts will manage the project and the use of available funds for further development.

For this project to be successful, we need a group op dedicated residents with a particular set of skills, therefor we will have to select 20 families whom, amongst them, will be able to perform all the tasks at Kleinvallei from tending to the farming to manning the workshop and schooling the children.

Applications for becoming part of this exciting project can be done here.