Welkom by Bondstaat

Welcome to BondStaat (Commonwealth). Bondstaat is a non-partisan liberation group for the Commonwealth of Nations without states in Southern Africa.

Welkom by BondStaat. Bondstaat is ‘n vryheids group vir die bondstaat van nasies sonder ‘n staat in Suider Afrika.

We support, promote and defend TRUE DIVERSITY for all cultures, languages and peoples. We believe in the promotion, defence and pursuit of cultural variety and sustainability as part of the rich heritage that exists on the sub-continent of Southern Africa. With a greater diversity than all of Europe, this region only has half a dozen large oppressive regimes in power who are all funded and backed by Socialist ideology which aims to destroy all diversity in a single totalitarian state.

Ons ondersteun, bevorder en verdedig WARE DIVERSITEIT vir alle kulture, tale en volke. Ons glo in die bevordering, verdediging en die nastrewing van kulturele verskeidenheid en volhoubaarheid as deel van die ryk erfenis wat op die sub-kontinent van Suider-Afrika bestaan. Met ‘n groter verskeidenheid as die hele Europa, het hierdie streek net ‘n halwe dosyn groot onderdrukkende regimes in krag wat almal befonds en gerugsteun word deur Sosialistiese ideologie wat ten doel het om alle diversiteit te vernietig in ‘n enkele totalitêre staat.

YOUR PEOPLE NEED YOU NOW! Renaissance, Revolution and Nationhood!
JOU Volk benodig jou nou! Renaissance, Revolusie en Nasieskap!

PLEASE come join our private closed group discussions at http://www.facebook.com/groups/volkstaat Ons geslote group vir private besprekings.

Please visit and like our public facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/bondstaat. Ons openbare bakkiesblad.

Please visit and contribute on our website at www.BondStaat.com. Ons Webwerf.

We are currently awaiting our overseas NPO number and ask for your support by making a donation to our Trust Account at donate@bondstaat.com
We are also calling for help from all SAFFAs (Ex South Africans Abroad) lawyers, humanitarians, teachers, journalists, authors, accountants, financiers, speakers, marketers, publicists, farmers, builders, activists, students, housewives, etc. etc.

South Africa is fast becoming a country we can no longer easily identify with or call home, and we find it hard to find real reasons to feel proud and we sometimes feel embarrassed or very out of place abroad, as a result, we are adopting other countries and cultures worldwide to create a future for our family and children.

It is time to remove the veil of lies and deceit of our SA history and to lose our naiveté…

WHY??? Our forefathers have fought for over 3 centuries to carve out a piece of western civilization on the tip of Africa that they could live in for themselves. They built a powerhouse infrastructure and economy in a savage land that benefitted indigenous people greatly. It is time we continue that struggle. There is little in South Africa today that is not being abused or corrupted. Our people are still stuck there and they are dying there. They need us and we need us. The world asked us to do the right thing, which we did, and now they have left South Africa to become another Banana Republic and we realise the agenda the world really had was far from moral… and we were betrayed.

We have to help those stuck back “home”, but also more importantly to work at finding a way to establish an independent state or self determination for those who hold western civilisation and traditions and standards dear, on the tip of Africa. Either through secession, self determination, independence, referendum, or any means available to us, and there are many. From the UN, ICC, ICJ, to the constitution, to popular uprising to common law or sheer force. We built the country and we can rebuild it again after they tear it apart brick by brick.

We envisage a confederation or commonwealth of independent states so that each nationstate can retain their own flavour, culture religion etc. etc. Some might be able to sustain themselves economically and some might need the support of a larger federal group.

Let’s put our heads together and build a better future for our children where we can develop and establish moral, cultural and physical values which we can hand down to our descendants knowing they can do the same. Our Homelands will be protected through proper immigration, citizenship and border controls like any normal western civilized country.

Rise up people, the time is now.

Southern Africa has a long diverse history and there were many contributors so we have to be sensitive, tolerant and understanding towards each other as there are bigger things at stake.

THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR DISCUSSING THE EVILS AND WRONGS OF THE CURRENT REGIME! That is well known and the world is fast learning.

NOTE TO ALL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, IT’S AGENCIES, LAW ENFORCEMENT OR THIRD PARTIES: You do not have permission to reproduce or use any of the material on this website or from the forums or groups of Bondstaat wherever they may be.

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